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2022 Fashion Trends: Spring & Summer

As spring begins, so does the anticipation to follow how trends from the runway translate into the fashions we see on our city streets. Everyone wants to know what styles are going to be trending with each upcoming season. As these patterns and trends grow more prevalent and we see more modified versions of them, not all will be visible in our daily street styles. New trends will catch on in more fashion-forward regions quickly, but eventually variations of these styles can be seen throughout the world.

In the past we have seen trends go into overdrive with even the most low-key of events having the most outlandish fashion. While the perspective for extra fabulous looks remains, this year the necessity for simple, luxurious and easy outfits has taken a strong demand, while still appealing to the fashion risk-takers. The past "fad" of minimal wardrobes seems to be making its way out as most of this seasons top trends are focused more on the maximalism side of the spectrum. Here are 12 fashion trends we saw across the runways and social media that are translatable to our everyday streetwear for Spring & Summer 2022.

The Spring/Summer 2022 NYFW Color Palette, according to the Pantone Color Institute™ includes a diverse color pallet, blending comfort and familiarity. The demand for clarity, free-spirited optimism, spontaneity, and joy is reflected in these stand-out hues. Bold pinks, reds, yellows and greens are amongst this season's most popular colors, as well as the pastel variations for those who are looking for a softer look. For a more classic, versatile look, the Core Classics include timeless hues that express longevity and tranquility with creams, sage, and gray neutrals.

Bold, bright, mood-boosting colors are one of this seasons top trends on both the runway and our city streets. Whether it's accessorizing with a pop of color, adding a bold piece to your outfit, or going full on head-to-toe bold and bright, incorporating color in your wardrobe this spring and summer is one of the easiest and most popular ways to enhance your style. While the thought of swapping your usual black or neutral tones for these bright hues may be terrifying for some, start small and don't be afraid to mix hues and add a neutral piece in your bold ensemble.
This year, platforms are popular in all types of footwear - sandals, sneakers, heels, loafers, and even Mary Jane's. Not only do platforms add detail and contrast to dainty dresses and tailored looks, but they are also incredibly comfortable! You can still achieve the height, professionalism, and detail you would normally look for with heels, but without sacrificing your toes. Platforms are a versatile, easy way to enhance your wardrobe this season, no matter your personal style and aesthetic. 
This one may be more of a shocker for this seasons top trends, as plaid is usually seen as more of an autumnal print; however, in light or bright colors it easily transitions to the spring and summer seasons. Whether it's an entire suit ensemble or one statement piece, plaid is another trend we will see amongst the streets this year. Much like the bold and bright color combinations, start small and don't be afraid to incorporate neutrals and basics into your plaid looks this spring.
A more classic, versatile look trending this spring season is pleated skirts. Although they've been around for decades, this timeless piece is definitely a staple we recommend adding to your wardrobe! They can be dressed up for a more elegant look, dressed down for a casual outfit, and come in a wide variety of colors, lengths and styles. Pair it with a graphic tee, sneakers and sweater, or even a silk top, blazer and heels. Pleated skirts are one of our favorite trends this year and are great pieces to transition from season to season.
Among the handful of early 2000's trends to resurface in the recent years, the mini skirt trend is definitely something that came as a bit of a surprise and even a flashback for many of us millennials. The mini of this era features a structured silhouette and isn’t scared of color. Similar to many of this seasons trends, the reappearance of the mini is being linked to the generational longing to go back to when fashion was exciting and lively. The effortless, sexy mini skirt is bringing more femininity back to streetwear and kicking the priority of comfort to the side.
Another trend that dominated the runways for this season was cut-out dresses. Although we've been seeing this trend for a few seasons now, it is still going strong on the runways. What keeps this trend alive is the versatility and diversity of which pieces and which shapes are being used - everything from corporate appropriate blouses with simple keyhole cut-outs, to dresses with practically the entire sides open, there is something for everyone to enjoy with this trend. 
On the other end of the color spectrum is the head-to-toe luxury trend filled with soft, neutral, earthy tones. The desire for ultra-luxe, wearable pieces with a more minimalistic feel is still highly prevalent amongst many. Keeping the minimalist style but adding a luxury feel, we're ditching the basic tees and sneakers for more monochromatic and neutral looks featuring wide-leg trousers and pieces with a silky, satin finish. Many luxe-feel pieces within this trend will become wardrobe staples due to their versatility and ease of being paired for different looks.
Beyond the '90s and early 2000's trends that are resurfacing the streets this year, '70s fringe is also making a comeback. This season fringe appeared on a variety of pieces such as bags, skirts, jackets, vests, and boots, and has become another staple in taking your most basic outfit to a more eye-catching, interesting ensemble. This year's fringe trend is on the forefront [but not the Western trimmings you likely imagine]. Instead think of a swaying, string-like detail that hints at retro influences while still feeling entirely modern. 
Suits with oversized blazers have been making their way from the runway to designer and fast-fashion stores in the recent years. Much like many of this seasons trends, they are now being seen heavily in bold color combinations. The ability to break down these suits into separate pieces to pair with other wardrobe staples makes this trend even more appealing for many, as a two-piece set easily becomes several unique looks. Although the bold color look may not be for everyone, women's suits of all hues have remained popular and the muted, neutral sets easily pair with a pop of color if desired.
Much like the luxury trend for this year, dramatic draping has also taken the forefront. Draped, and ruched fabrics are elegant, romantic, and timeless pieces that are wardrobe staples for a beautiful, flowy look. While many of the pieces in this trend are more stretchy fabrics and body-con fits, you can also take a more avant-garde route with silk tops or billowing skirts. A huge appeal factor for the draping trend is the ability for pieces to beautifully fit all shapes and sizes, while also hiding many areas women wish to camouflage.
Yet another '90s and early 2000's trend has taken way again with the relaxed denim fit. While mom jeans have been trending for quite some time, the straight leg/relaxed fit is increasing popularity this season. Skinny jeans are increasingly being considered less "in" each season, while looser fitting silhouettes are becoming the go-to for many people. Pair them with a crop top or oversized tee and sneakers for a casual look, or dress them up with an elegant silk top, oversized blazer, and heels.

This season, stripes shook things up on the runways with designers introducing various looks with different colors, sizes, and textures of stripes. A variety of stripes with different widths, lengths, colors, and positioning provide a wide range for experimentation. Whether it's a striped suit, dress, skirt, or top, there is no limit to what one can do with stripes; one focal piece, a matched ensemble, and even mixing other patterns with stripes, it's all in the styling. 

Always remember - just because something is popular does not imply you must wear it! We are living within a time where what’s “in” or “out” is no longer essential to style; be as adventurous or minimal as you like. Select which trends to include in your wardrobe depending on your individual style aesthetic, body type, lifestyle, budget, and overall what you feel confident in!


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