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2022 Interior Design Trends

Much like the fashion industry, interior design has its trends that come and go with each new year and 2022 is no different. Interior design has been used as a way to display our personal aesthetics and create a space of inner peace that reflects our unique personalities. While interior design trends may not be as commonly noticed as fashion trends on the streets, many designers and individuals take into account these trends and inspiration when designing their spaces.

The reality of interiors and our homes is that they serve as one of the bases of our lives – where we sleep, socialize, create families, and even work for many people since the start of the pandemic. Every object, every piece of furniture, and every corner in our homes serve some sort of purpose, whether that’s functional or emotional. This year, interiors are giving us a variety of tones, textures, and timeless pieces to incorporate into our spaces. We’re seeing merges of retro-inspired, natural, sustainable, and zen elements throughout our spaces, giving us the ability to combine our styles and favorite elements into our spaces. Similarly to the fashion industry, it appears the past "fad" of minimalism seems to be making its way out as most of this years top interior trends are focused more on the maximalism side of the spectrum. Here are 12 interior design trends taking emphasis on our interior aesthetics this year.

The classic return for textiles is a big trend for this year. Leather brings a luxurious touch to a room while upholstery brings a traditional feel with a wide variety of patterns and textures to bring into your space. The natural materials can instantly elevate your interior while being showcased with soft accents and bold pillows. The rich tones of leather can offset cooler metals and cold spaces and add warmth to otherwise uninviting rooms. Whether its genuine leather, faux leather, or upholstery, bringing warmth and texture to your space will instantly elevate any room and stand the test of time throughout the many changes in trends over the years.

Houseplants have been a topic of discussion for many in the recent years, and 2022 is no different. Bringing authentic greenery into your space will complement the natural elements of your room while also purifying the air in your space. Faux greenery is also an option for those without a green thumb, but for those of us who want to watch our blooms grow, there are countless options. As always, do your research before purchasing your favorite houseplants; some may require more sunlight and watering, be toxic to your pets, or simply be a difficult breed to keep thriving. For the folks who are not feeling the greenery but wish to incorporate nature-inspired elements try stoneware, marble, terracotta and travertine. The raw, imperfect nature of these materials adds depth and visual interest while also adding a calming ambiance.

Shades of brown from chocolate to camel, as well as stone greys and tinted blacks open up an array of possibilities for your spaces. By sticking to neutral hues, you give yourself a forgiving canvas that complements the natural materials in your home. If you prefer more color while sticking with the earthy look, go for terracotta, sage, navy, or rust tones. These earth tones help create a warm, cozy space while remaining timeless and elegant. Neutrals give you the freedom to accessorize with pops of colors in textiles and décor, while keeping the overall palette of your space open and welcoming.

Sustainability has become a major factor for many over the years. Energy-efficient technology, eco-friendly materials, and green design are among some of the ways to make your home more sustainable and minimize your ecological footprint. Using organic materials such as glass, stone, reclaimed wood, jute, and recycled sources is just one way to make your room more sustainable, while also including nature-inspired accents. Many of this years trends coincide with one another, making it easy to design a space with a functional purpose.

Using vintage pieces goes hand in hand with the sustainability factor of design. By repurposing the old and giving it a new life, you’re reducing the footprint while also bringing a sense of history to your space. One of my favorite aspects of the vintage trend is being able to incorporate one-of-a-kind pieces in your space. A simple coat of paint or a fresh stain give vintage pieces a new look, custom to you and your space. Facebook Marketplace and Offer Up are always flooded with a vast array of options to suit any style, and many sellers are open to negotiation. Be sure to mix in fresh, new pieces with vintage to keep your space looking personal and modern.  

Single-use spaces are no longer a focus for many as the shift to remote working took a toll on many peoples spaces. Making the most of every corner of a room became priority for many as the demand for a home office blew up during quarantine. Many people have since turned to multi-functional spaces and gotten creative with innovative room designs of small spaces. Keep in mind the aesthetic of your home and layout, so as you increase the functionality of your home you also focus on creating a space to maximize productivity, motivation and concentration.

Much like the fashion trends we’re seeing this spring, 2022 is the year to let color and patterns into your home. If you’re not too sure on adventuring into the world of bold colors and patterns, start by adding accents with pillows, wall art or rugs. If you’re feeling creative and eclectic, match colors and patterns against each other with curtains, rugs, wallpaper and even furniture colors. The great thing about this trend is you decide how to incorporate the bold accents into your space while keeping with your personal aesthetic.

The desire to have unique pieces unlike everyone else has lead to the increase in mixing materials and design styles in a space. It is not uncommon to mix metals, materials, and overall elements to make a space more unique. Combining light, airy neutrals with moody, dark pieces and color blocking can make your room feel more customized to you. While mixing styles may be intimidating, it is much easier than you’d think. Most styles are a blend of different eras so creating a space that appears cohesive with different styles is easily achievable with a few tips: Choose a limited color palette, choose a unifying pattern, choose a focal piece of furniture, match wood types, choose an overall theme, and most importantly remember that your home belongs to you!

On the opposite end of previous years minimalism trend has come maximalism. Maximalism is all about creating a story through visual layers, textures, colors, and various focal points, without just placing about all of your personal trinkets. Each space should have a curated feel with the right balance of all the elements. Maximalism is the perfect way to display your personal style and self-expression while purposefully displaying pieces and creating a cohesive function of your space. Make sure to include various textures and colors, and remember there is no limit to what you can create.

Whether its curved doorways, corners within walls and cabinets, arched cabinets, or curved sofas and dining chairs, curves bring a fresh, soft feeling to a space. They make a room feel safe and warm, and are seen as graceful and feminine elements. If done correctly, curves can give an illusion of added depth and movement which is great for small spaces. Curves and arches play into the current biophilic trend incorporating nature into our environments. Like anything though, too much of it can be overwhelming and lose their effectiveness. Make sure to balance curved pieces with straight lines and think about where you want to have the focal point of your room.

Adding a touch of retro to any space can instantly liven it up. Seventies inspired décor, furniture, and colors are making a comeback, with no surprise due to the recent mid-century craze. The nostalgic aesthetic brings strong design elements to a space while giving it a piece of individuality and interest compared to the minimal aesthetic. While finding the perfect retro piece may not be as simple as placing a quick order online, perseverance is key in finding the piece that fits your design and aesthetic for your space.

Unlike most trends that come and go throughout the years, traditional and lasting pieces withstand the test of time. Many consumers are choosing pieces that won’t need to be traded or upgraded each year, making selections of pieces that are built to last. Splurging on quality items like sofas, chairs, and credenzas is key; décor pieces will likely be trendier and more affordable which makes swapping them out easy. Pieces with history and natural materials will be the go-to for many as they develop their own personal, lasting style.

While the recent years have been about blending style and practicality, many of us have also begun to find our unique interior aesthetics. Shifting to a more sustainable way of consumerism has brought the attention to developing a lasting, unique style for each of us while also benefiting the environment. Trends will always come and go, and things like paint and textiles are easy ways to incorporate those things into our homes. Finding lasting pieces of furniture that can remain the focal point of a room and transform with your personal style throughout the years will encourage the best variations of our spaces. And just like all trends in the world, a trend does not mean you must do it! Choose those that speak to you and fit your personality, budget, and lifestyle best!

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