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I'm Melanie

I’m a 28-year-old Cleveland native residing in Southern California. I grew up loving all things fashion and creative, dreaming someday I would own my own boutique. My love for designing came around the age of seven when my grandmother taught me how to sew and we created my very first original outfit. It wasn’t complex or very detailed; just a simple skirt and matching top, but I was so proud of our creation and I wore that outfit almost every day until it no longer fit. It was that summer that I began exploring the world of fashion design and creating my own pieces. I continued to sew and discovered the versatility of designing my own pieces, and at a young age decided I wanted to pursue a career in Fashion Design. When I entered high school, they offered a series of Fashion Design courses which I immediately enrolled in. At the end of the semester, we had to submit our final project; something with a button and a patterned material that needed to be matched at the seams. I will never forget my instructor’s reaction when I handed in the bell sleeve, cropped jacket I created. Without even examining my piece, she immediately commented how I was in Fashion Design I and submitted a final equivalent to the skill of Fashion Design IV; she told me she had never had a student with the skillset I had and that I needed to explore my passion further. Unfortunately, the program ended after that year but it was my instructor’s reaction to my work and her encouragement that pushed me to start researching schools and applying early.

At 17, I attended a private art university to study Fashion Design & Merchandising with an emphasis on haute couture practices. Although I loved what I was doing and felt as if my dreams were becoming reality, throughout my time in the program I was exposed to the realities of the [rather cruel] industry. After contemplating the pros and cons of finishing my degrees, I decided to leave the program when I was 19. My professor encouraged me to continue exploring the world of Fashion and not give up on my dream. She pushed me to keep putting my skills to work and to use the knowledge I gained throughout my first two years; she reminded me that I did not need a degree to be successful in the world of fashion. It was at this time I pursued other avenues of my passion, learning different aspects of running a store/business while simultaneously trying to find myself and what I wanted to accomplish in my life. For several years I found myself working in fields that brought me minor joys; retail, textile design, customer service, and currently accounting, but there was always something missing. In 2021 I decided to revisit my childhood dream of owning my own boutique and officially brought Asteri Boutique to life.
asteri - Greek; Star

Our Vision

To bring you a unique, versatile lifestyle brand while encouraging confidence with a wide array of products and styles at an affordable price.